Products derived from the process of animal tallows (bovine) and vegetal oils (sunflower).

Stearic acid
Oleic acid
Hydrogenated Oleoestearina
Olein (Vegetal - Animal)

Glycerin (Chemical Name: 1.2.3 Popanotriol)
The glycerin is a syrupy, colorless, odorless liquid, of rough sweet flavor, obtained by hydrolysis of mainly animal triglycerides,with pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional and industrial degree.

Its main use is as raw material for the product elaboration different applied in great variety from industries.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry it is used pure or in the elaboration of derivatives used for different applications. A very important cosmetic application is like moisturizer in toilet soaps.

Its nutritional use is in the additive elaboration different, in particular emulsifiers. Pure, it is used like polisher and protective vehicle.

In the industry it is used in the formulation of protective and revivalists compounds of leather and tires, and in the formulation of composed for the painting industry.

Typical characteristics:

Glicerol: 99.5%
Water: 0.5%
Density: 1,25 g/ml
Refractive index: 1,47
Chlorides: Nondetectable
Sulphates: Nondetectable
Heavy metals: Nondetectable
Reducing glucose, acrolein and Substances: Nondetectable


Hydrogenated Oleoestearina
The Hydrogenated Oleoestearina is an animal fatty acid mixture (mainly stearic and in small oleic proportion) saturated by means of catalytic hydrogenation.

Typical characteristics:

Title: 58 °C
Acid index: 0,5
Iodine index: 1
Insaponificable: 0.1%


Stearic acid

The stearic acid is one of the main components of the natural triglycerides, mainly animal.

It is generally used for the formation of salts (stearates) soluble, applied in an ample rank of industries (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, emulsifiers nutritional, chemical industry generally).

In the elaboration of candles, it takes part in mixtures of almost 30% with paraffin waxes or dry paraffins, improving the tact smoothness, aspect and candle hardness degree, being compatible with colouring liposoluble aggregates (in the case of artistic candles).

Typical characteristics:

Title: 55 °C
Acid index: 208
Iodine index: 0,5
Insaponificable: 0.1%



Olein is an obtained fatty acid mixture of the flocks of neutralization of animal and vegetal tallows.

Its use is industrialist and it is applied in the chemical industry in formulations for perforation muds, additives for industrial oils, graze of cleaning, etc.

Typical characteristics:

Title: 15 °C
Acid index: 190
Iodine index: 105
Insaponificable: 5%

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