The natural petroleum tensioactive Sulfonates are obtained during the refinement of mineral oils, and later purified to obtain sodium sulfonates.

Its main quality is its double function as surfactante and rust inhibitor. In addition, the polar nature of sulfonate (anionic) grants its emulsifiers characteristics.

Sodium Petroleum sulfonate
The sodium petroleum sulfonate is a mix of alquil - aril purified natural petroleum sulfonates.

Drilling Fluids: They totally reduce to the surface tension of basic muds water, diminishing the patch of clays in the trepan (or column drill) during perforation, avoiding induced losses and increasing penetration.
Metal Cutting Fluids: Emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor in the cutting fluids are used for lubrication and cooling of the cutting tools.
Anticorrosion chemicals and Additives for engines: sulfonate acts as a antihumidity barrier, detergent and antioxidant in the additive formulations for automotive and anticorrosive lubricants.

They are also used in formulations of Products for leather, Printing Inks and others.

Typical characteristics:

Aspect: Very viscous, shining liquid, dark brown color.
Sodium sulfonated Wealth: 50%
Mineral oil: 48%
Humidity: 1%
Salts: 1%
Solubility: Mineral oil: Excellent
Water: Very Good

Surfactol H 52 Echo
Surfactol H 52 ECHO is a mixture of natural tensioactives compatible with the environment.

Drilling fluids. Surfactol H 52 ECHO eliminates the trephine embolism by plastic clays in problematic zones, as well as the drag and torque. It is formulated in such a way that it does not present/display foam problems.
Surfactol H 52 ECHO is adapted for all type of basic mud water, not presenting/displaying inconvenient with muds karsts, hydrocarbons and calcium.

Typical characteristics:

Aspect: Yellowish liquid - reddish
Density: 0,92 to 0.98 g/ml
Flash point: Major of 100 °C
Draining Point: Minimum -5 °C

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